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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Shout In The Dark

And yet, no one seems to get it. At least, most people. Donny George, former director of the Iraq's State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, recently explained that the current regime in Iraq has been continuing a common practice of erasing all pre-Islam traces of civilization within the borders of Iraq.


Yep. Nubuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander. Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Persia. All slowly deteriorating at the hands of Muslim fanatics in the name guessed it, Allah and his prophet, Mohammed.

And it would have been any other hate crime or religiously-motivated honor killing if not for:
Imran shahid, whom Mojammed described as physically "massive" then got out of
the car and began to fight with the two boys. He concentrated his attack
Kriss who was "quite small" and who gave "very little"
said that he had never seen Kriss before, and
confirmed that if he had been
Chinese, black or "Asian" he would have been
left alone. He said that Kriss and
his friend had been chosen because they
were white.

That's right. They prey on the weak, and pick on the white. You want modern Muslim-on-everyone-else racism in non-Muslim lands? You've found it.
And...first it was a play in Germany. Now, it's a piece of art. Charles Johnson admits surrealist Hans Bellmer might just be another everyday average talented Western pervert, but even perverts (at least, the least perverted among them) have the freedom of speech.

Hoping that's the last vestige of insanity (but not betting on it),
- The Samaritan


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