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Monday, October 09, 2006

Quaternary Observation

One quote has made it from Global Crisis Watch to Counterterorism Blog to Penraker and now to me. So therefore, I consider this the quaternary level of information (GCW was primary, CB was binary, Penraker was tertiary, you get the picture).

As such, I am removed enough from the original source that I feel obligated to offer the following subjective commentary.

The quote was "Iran is watching how the international community is going to react to North Korea."

Now, if this statement is accurate, then I feel the following observation must have some valid standing:

If we were to substitute "Nazi Germany" for "Iran" and "Spain" North Korea, then we have a true parallel between the world stage at the time of the Spanish Civil War and the current nuclear fiasco with North Korea. Hitler paid very close attention to the actions [and eventual success] of Franco and his goons. This success, history has shown via recovered documents from former Third Reich ofices, helped spur Hitler to greater confidence in his quest for lebensraum.

Let us take the case of Iran and North Korea. If indeed at this point, the world continues to stand idly by, then Iran might take the hint and rapidly increase the pace of its own ambitious nuclear project. We must not allow this to happen.

And we certainly must never allow this kind of history to repeat itself once again.

Continuously inventing more dire warnings,
- The Samaritan


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