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Sunday, October 08, 2006

It Comes Naturally...

Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to have the right opinion or the right perspective.
Other times, it just comes naturally:

During [General Abizaid's] testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee... the media just carried one single comment taken out of context: that Abizaid said "a civil war was possible".Which somehow got turned into "a civil war was likely". And, they didn't tell you that Abizaid said later in the same hearings that he was confident that a civil war would not occur.

MSM reporters, rather than summarize all of the testimony of public officials, sift through it for single quotes that can be taken out of context and used to support their prejudices, their party, their aims and goals.

That's not reporting, that's propaganda.

And so we sit here, dumb oxes that see bombs going off in Baghdad every day. But we have no idea what is going on, because the media refuses to tell the story.

All we get is Foley and his dirty instant messages. That's what the future of the country hinges on.

And to think I actually had used to think well of Jane Elliot.

Also, what is it with Muslim taxi drivers and their blind passenger? Darned if I knew; you're just gonna have to ask those people in Minnesota, Britain, Australia and Norway. Oh, and I wonder if the people doing this - which I mention in my post "Forensic Studies" - have taken this into account.
Probably not.

Always on the lookout for more ignorance,
- The Samaritan


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