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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Plot Twists in World History

I never heard of the Proliferation Security Initative, championed by the likes of Rumsfeld and Bolton, before. But given a choice between this and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, I'd thow my whole self - all 200 lbs. - behind the PSI, which:

"helped blow the whistle on Libya's clandestine nuclear program, rolled up A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market and has interdicted North Korean weapons shipments."

But not everything's going well. It's come to my attention that the LA Times is attempting to justify the Columbia rioters. I'd actually expected nothing less from this rag. Nothing less.

People should be allowed to deny the Holocaust in the privacy and comfort of their homes. They should be allowed to deny anything they want at home. But not in public. And therefore I frankly do not mind French legislation that criminalizes denying the Armenian genocide.

And why am I not surprised by this little tidbit about that Monkey named Chomsky?

In Line With Unexpected Balance,
- The Samaritan

This post made in honor and memory of Scorpion commando Colonel Salam al-Mamuri and Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor.


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