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Monday, August 14, 2006

Photoshopped and Islamified

Don't get me wrong when I say this, but Islam, while far from a Religion of Peace, does have some of its good qualities (even if it preaches consecutive stages of conversion, taxation and elimination); however, it is the bad qualities that are coming out, as referenced by American Thinker and LGF.

And another place of heinous impact has been occuring w/in the news media itself, as with the Qana "massacre" (which is a subject of interesting posts at LGF today, Aug 14). This impact has resulted in the possible inclusion of the term "Reutered" in everyday dictionaries, and AT reports on a new word: keller.

I have a new one: photoshopped. It has one current denotation - the act of having created a piece of art to be featured in some other object [e.g. newspaper]. The issue at stake here, however, is that, in light of Reutersgate (hence "Reutered"), the Adobe Photoshop program has been used as a means to alter - or to otherwise stage altogether - photos, as evidenced by Adnan Hajj's most recent work for Reuters [Pallywood is a relatedly-themed occurence one might want to research, and I feature a link to it in one of my previous posts]. Therefore, photoshopping has taken on an unfortunately negative twist and that is why, therefore, I propose a new word (photoshop - a verb), meaning to A) alter reality (in a general sense) or to B) present facts in a distorted, biased version meant to intentionally dilute the facts of reality. As in: "This image has been photoshopped - you can see the fake croppings here and here," or "The concept that the Federalist party still exists today is a photoshop!" (note here the usage of "photoshop" as a noun, the difference being that the Adobe program itself is capitalized and referred to as "the Photoshop" as opposed to "a photoshop" - my word).

Feel free to use it at your own leisure.


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