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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Outlooks on the Battlefront

Today, I recap the most recent of that which has been occuring in relation to the Israel-Lebanon (a.k.a Hiz b'allah) War and that which is the Israel-Lebanon (a.k.a Hiz b'allah) War.

First, there is the wiretapping scandal. I call it a scandal because the behavior of Jimmy Carter's appointee (a.k.a the "Judge") was quite, for the lack of a better word, scandalous. Oh, and biased. Did I mention that the program worked, as demonstrated in the Canadian terror suspect nabbed as a result of this program? Oh, well this Judge wouldn't wantcha to know that, would she? Nor about the people actually doing the accusing [spurred on, of course, by such entities as CAIR and the ACLU] - full information on whom can be found at Debbie Schlussel's weblog, which contains startling pieces of information that Rush Limbaugh wants all to see.

Now, about that Rush guy...he's got his head on straight. I don't give a damn that he's a full-blown conservative, the objective is to get one's facts [unblemished] and that is what he's been doing. He catches the media at its worst. Consider, for instance, Rush's reaction to how other media outlets have commented on the wiretap decision; Rush's reaction to FNC's awkward partisan headlining in regards to political polls; Rush's reaction to Victor Hanson's perspective on the wiretapping [that previous presidents have done it without this outcry, uproar and outrage].

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