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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Horizons; Australia

Okay, so the title sequence is out of order. But anyhoo, here is another reason I might consider moving to Australia - that is, when radical Islam successfully takes over much of the rest of the world in say, oh, I don't know, um...twenty years? But they won't go near the Poles.

And moving onwards, something just came to mind: of what use now is the New Horizons mission? Pluto is no longer a planet. Really it was a bit of a silly joke when the IAU decided to demote Pluto from planetary status whilst New Horizons was en route. If Pluto's term in office as "Ninth Planet" is up, why go there? There's plenty of other KBO objects out there that are far more interesting than Pluto. No doubt many astronomers would agree with me.

Hypocricy galore abounds, courtesy:
- The Samaritan (in Georgia now).


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