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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Randomized Reality (Part II)

American Thinker still thinks that McNulty is deliberately attempting to frame Gonzales. Maybe so, but at this point it's pure hypothesis and speculation and my nonpartisan debate society doesn't buy it.

I know Bloomber's just doing a practice run, but such an action will only present statistical data, not a useful population parameter. He needs to go full-out on this one.

We all know that Wilson had it coming, but a death sentence? The 9/11 Mastermind gets life, and this guy gets death? Pardon me, but isn't that just a little...disproportionate?

Whatever its original intentions, the digital revolution lead to this...popularization of the Wii among the retired elderly. Pardon me while I let the Messiah into Jerusalem.

The NYTimes still does not understand the big picture, because it'll turn the death aspect into the big headline, shoving the impact and implications of the surrounding events to the sideline. And according to the NYT, Iran is charging and accusing Britain, which is itself backed by the UN and the EU (by creed only of course). This is one case in which the NYT fails to do the investigative reporting upon which it normally prides itself.

Remember the double-standard to which I referred in my last post? Michelle provides a good example. And speaking of Michelle, she has documented on her blog another case of the Terror-tubbies: a human-interest article that paradoxically shows how nice we are treating the Guantanamo inmates. Michelle appopriately titles this "Turture." I'd say so - my side's splitting from laughter.

And The Hill can apparently do what the NYT no longer can: investigative journalism. And speaking of paradoxes and contradictions, well - this one applies to Obama.

As an aside, Miami U. associate professor of Communcation Dr. Ben Voth, specialist in argumentation and rhetoric, has a really good piece on the Vietnam War over at American Thinker.argumentation and rhetoric studies.

Books have been reviewed. Movies. Radio shows. Now, Ed Lasky reviews an op-ed in the LA Times, and let's just say the ratings aren't positive.

And speaking o' 'Nam, some guy from the Carter administration doesn't know his own history.

Lifson, another frequest AT contributor, picks out parts of an interview with Crichton.

The AT, through the weblog Sweetness & Light, found on the web what can only be described as gold: a metal merchant in gaza who bought Israeli metal for the purpose of pipe-building has been transferring much of his material to Hamas, which supposedly has used this material to construct Kassam rockets. How much went to rockets instead of sewage pipes, we might never know. But it sheds some light on the situation.

LGF also has a new reason we must stay the course in Iraq, and notes the continuing explosives "accidents" that are occurring in PA territories alongside sewage flooding and civil warring.

Finally, an lgf search for "Palestinian Child Abuse" and "Religion of Peace strikes in Thailand," two recurring themes on that website, had turned up more than I thought possible.

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