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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Remember the Good Ol' Days When Speech Was Free

Freedom of speech is dangerous in today's global trade. In particular, non-whites and non-Muslims are seeing their freedom of speech gradually slipping away when the truth about Black Supremacism and the few Muslim Islamists are not allowed to be identified as such due to "religious sensitivities" (which apparently Southpark doesn't have, thankfully). Last year, my high school paper refused to print the Mohammed Cartoons, against my better judgement. And this year, the Wheel would not print the word "nigger," even when not using it to refer to any particular person - in fact, using it not to refer to any group, just talking about the word and saying "the word N----r."

The amount of double-standards and pandering to extremism in today's day and age is unbelievable. Hot Air recently documented a case in which the EU banned the word "jihad" from everyday speech in connection to the people who actually are waging the violent jihad. Hot Air, in its classical carcasm and typical satire, reported it saying that "EU takes bold stand against the word." Charles simply said that this was the way the "EU solves [the] terrorism problem." Charles, meanwhile, documented a similarly shocking double-standard as practiced by the UN.

This one's gonna be a multi-parter.

Checking back in a few minutes,
- Grant W.


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