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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...Where the humor comes in...

With Ted Kennedy suddenly revving up the wheels of the Equal Rights Amendment once again, it's time to review a little lesson in history. Begone, idealism! Reality, come forth and prosper!

Looks like our boys in Iraq are not fond of people (read: Democratic presidential hopefuls) trying to undermine their purpose.

Speaking of Democrats, everybody's trying to keep track of the Iraq withdrawal bill as it makes its way onto the Senate floor. Here's a good reconstruction of the pork barreling. And while we're on subject, some unscrupulous characters are claiming that porking has always gone on. Fine. But should the democrats have their way, just review the link I just gave you, look at how close the deadline is to the 2008 election, and realize that after twelve years (read: when the Republicans regained control of Congress), the Congressional Research Service has just recently (read: when Republicans lost control of Congress) decided to stop sniffing out earmarks (read: pork barreling) in congressional spending bills (read: Iraq pullout). Political games, anyone?

Oh, but there's some humor left in the world as well: Bears, dogs, porn, shockas, oh my! And on separate occasions, a UN group and Olbermann (a.k.a. "Slobbermann") get soooo dissed! Now each knows the expression "to go nuclear" on someone, 'cause they got nuked in the a**!

And while the celebrated "flying imams" are at it again in the Big Satan, the Jew-haters adjacent to the Little Satan get themselves into a bit of a mucky mess, with predictable results.

And finally, for my own amusement, some Qur'an-related deaths.

Now, let's get zitsy!


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